Prepare to meet an artist with a great creativity and sensitivity applied in the areas of Painting and Interior Decoration. Her paintings send you on a journey of the senses, in which you feel drenched in the colours of Spain, the artist’s country of origin, and in the many other colours of other lands she has lived in. You can easily feel her sense of eclecticism due to the
influences of various cultures the artist has manifested in her works. Painter and Decorator Artist, with an experience of 15 years in the search for harmonies of colours and materials, Mari fe has the skills and know how which she will transfer into your homes, satisfying your demands for interior decoration. In her paintings, unsignificant objects gain a new life of their own,
(a new dimension) and this is what Mari fe is going to do for you. She is going to find the long forgotten pieces of furniture in your home, and transform them into unique pieces of your interior. You will suddenly find yourself actively involved in the process of choice in decorating your interior. Mari fe is always listening to you, so that you feel confidence right from the first meeting.